For you as a Hongkonger, what is the benefit of learning the German language?

Germany is the leading economy in Europe and one of the leading cultural nations on the planet. German science, philosophy, engineering, music, painting and literature is renowned worldwide, and Germany’s schools and universities are of the highest international standard. But differently from most leading nations, German universities do not charge study fees both for German and for international students, which makes studying in Germany even more attractive. Also, many Hongkongers now go to Germany for a working holidays stay and have a great experience there. Last but not least, a vast number of German companies are operating here in Hong Kong, and many Hong Kong companies have business relations with Germany. So no matter whether you are planning to study abroad, simply spend some time in Europe, or want to increase your job chances here in Hong Kong, learning German could be a key advantage for you.

DSLC in Hong Kong provides the ideal entry point for Hongkongers to the German-speaking world. Founded and lead by German linguist Dr. Robin Sackmann who has nearly 20 years of teaching experience in Hong Kong and for Hongkongers, our school in the heart of Kowloon offers you a unique learning environment that leads you from the beginner’s level up to the level of proficiency which you need for working or studying in Germany. With our team of professional and dedicated teachers, learning German at DSLC is fast, efficient, pleasurable, and — affordable.