Some students' voices on Facebook...

I have never met a language teacher that can help strengthen our learning in such an incredibly effective way!
(Canice L.)

Robin is the BEST of the BEST if you want to learn German in Hong Kong. This guy knows his stuff and he knows how to teach it in a way that enables you to retain that knowledge. I cannot recommend his classes more highly.
(Connie L.)

An excellent teacher who really knows how students learn a language, and knows how to help them learn it.
(Idy C.)

His classes are practical and interesting. Highly recommended!
(Nadia W.)

One of the best and most systematic German language classes I have ever attended. Solved all my German grammar problems with the help of Herr Sackmann!
(Trazy L.)

A nice and energetic teacher, teaches with heart!
(Helios E.)

These courses are so different from other institutions, where you often get German housewives with little or no training and experience as teachers. Dr. Sackmann’s courses are on a completely different level, it’s like a different world!
(Maggie L.)

It’s sooo exciting to know that u are offering German classes again!! You are the best german teacher i have ever known!
(Eman W.)

好多年前有位大專講師都推薦Dr Sackmann給我作為德語老師的,可惜後來遷就不了他在歌德學院的開講時間而選了另一位導師。但Sackmann的名氣在本土文化圈子內已經流行甚廣吧。祝Dr Sackmann自立門戶以後造福更多學生惠澤社群!
(Claudio S.)